Colon Cleansing

Colon Hydrotherapy is a very old and ancient method, which is said to have been used even in Asklepiia, in ancient Greece, during the time of Hippocrates.

From the ancient Asklepiia, and this method that Hippocrates is said to have brought from Egypt, an ancient method for detoxification and treatment of diseases in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, we have also inherited this method of detoxification and relief in the modern world. organism, from toxins and the heavy toxic load.

You see, our body’s way of eliminating toxins is primarily through the colon. Toxins are eliminated with sweat and breathing, but in a much smaller percentage than the toxins that are very easily eliminated through the large intestine.

The large intestine, however, often "blocks up", and is unable to eliminate toxins, either because there are many of them, or because the intestine is underfunctioning, that is, there is a slight constipation, even if subtle, and the intestine does not have time to eliminate the toxins how quickly he should expel them.

Then, the toxins are reabsorbed again in the body, circulating again in our blood, passing through all our organs, and making us feel tired, not in a good mood, maybe our psychology also falls, but certainly the Immune also falls our system, because it takes care to fight the toxins and it does not take care to fight any germs or viruses that attack us.

This is where colon hydrotherapy comes in, which helps the body flush out its toxins, thus creating a very good detox, and helping the person’s immune system to improve and perform better. This is also the reason that after water treatment, colon hydrotherapy, we feel lighter and in a good mood.

The old way of doing colon hydrotherapy was the closed type way, which has now been abandoned and is now obsolete.

With the new method, the open type method, the patient is lying on the toilet above, a very small plug about the length and thickness of the little finger is inserted into the rectum, and from there water is inserted that is double, filtered, has passed through ultraviolet rays to be purified, and has the right temperature to benefit humans.

This water enters without any pressure, like when we turn on a faucet the water flows slowly, and in this way it slowly cleans the large intestine. We are lying comfortably in an armchair, but also on the toilet, we do not need to do anything at all, there is no pain, no discomfort, on the contrary, there is only relief.

After colon hydrotherapy, there is no discomfort, no diarrhea, the patient feels no discomfort, no exhaustion, and can go straight to work. It does not need any preparation, no special diet, and it is a method used by many and many Hollywood stars, but also many and many entrepreneurs, in order to have brighter skin, and better performance at work, less fatigue, less illness, and better immune system.

There is no specific frequency with which colon hydrotherapy should be done, but it is good sometimes during the year to help our body eliminate the extra toxins, which are unnecessary, useless to our body, but burden it, and they also burden our Immune system. People who smoke in particular should do so more often, because the products of smoking such as tar, and the heavy metals present in cigarettes, are also excreted from the large intestine, and can cause problems there.

The machine is sterilized after each colon hydrotherapy. It is an enjoyable method, excellent for detoxification, which in the modern life we now live with exhaust fumes, drugs, chemicals, and various other toxins around us, one could say is necessary to be well. man in his health.

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